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BREAKING NEWS – 16/06/19
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Posted 16/04/19
NCAG LETTER TO THE WA GOVERNMENT AND REPLY FROM THE PREMIER MARK McGOWANClick here to view both documents on our Weekly Updates page
Posted 07/04 19

– Follow the link below to access the full PDF document.
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SAT Ruling Analysis
Email the WA Premier Mark McGowen and let him know how you feel about this issue at this address:  mark.mcgowan@mp.wa.gov.au

Posted 07/04/19
WEEKLY UPDATE – Hear this very important audio update on our Weekly Updates page – Click here 

Our President Steve Grimmer has finished an interview with our local ABC Radio.  It is a MUST LISTEN!  Click here to participate:

Email The Minister For The Environment Peter Dawson.  Send him this letter here:  letter to minister.  It is a PDF so download it and attach it to your email.  You can find his contact details and email address at this link here. This is one sure way of getting their attention and every letter will count.

Our menu item Notice Board has been renamed Weekly Updates.  Our President Steve Grimmer will be contributing updates on a regular basis so stay tuned. Check it out here: https://thenullakicommunityactiongroup.org/weekly-updates/

The save the nullaki Bush Bash last Sunday the 24th was a resounding success. It was attended by more than 140 happy supporters who took part in the festivities.  Our local and well known band, Blue Tongue Lizzard was ably supported by Adam Groc and Mary Jayne Negus kept everyone entertained and had the crown really jumping.

A delicious fare of roast lamb and gravy rolls, a sausage sizzle and a fine vegetable curry and dahl amply fed the masses.  Our new SAVE THE NULLAKI.ORG bumper stickers were popular and we look forward to seeing them on the streets.

Our membership base is steadily growing.   There is an online membership page where you can download a form to join. Membership is free as all we need is your support.

We welcome community input and we can be contacted by email at: info@thenullkicommunityactiongroup.org  The internet address https://www.savethenullaki.org also resolves to this page too so both addresses will direct you to our homepage.

We are pleased to announce that our Facebook and Instagram pages are up and running.  You can find them at  https://www.facebook.com/savethenullaki  and https://www.instagram.com/savethenullaki/ and you are welcome to post a comment or contribute your support.  The links buttons are shown in the website top bar.  In the meantime you can contact us via the phone number on the page header or by the email link above.

A map showing the proposed realignment of Lee Rd across the existing wetlands can be viewed on our Nullaki Maps page HERE or by using the menu link Nullaki Maps at the top of the page.  Click on the Lee Rd realignment link.

Our online Save The Nullaki petition is now up and running and as of today 15/02/19  we have over 700 signatures and support messages.  Visit our petition page and support our cause.

Before you do please be be aware that an advert to promote this petition is displayed and if you contribute any funds lodged via this method are destined for Change.org,  Not the Nullaki Community Action Group.

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